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dijon mustard substitute

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Dijon Mustard Substitute. Recipe by Chef #1242682. From Taste of Home OGMer 1-28-02. 15 People talking Join In Now Join the conversation! READY IN: 5mins. SERVES: 1. UNITS: US. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. 1 . tablespoon dry mustard. 1 . teaspoon water. 1 . teaspoon …

But if you’ve ever run out of them, or in some way allergic to mustard, you can substitute for it. Depend on the purpose of using dijon, we can find just the perfect substitution. If you’re looking for the spicy, sweet and tangy taste, it’s easy to be replace by a mixture of vinegar, sugar and dry mustard.

Brown mustard is probably the best substitute for dijon mustard. It has the spicy taste due to the brown mustard seeds, that are also used in dijon. However, it is a bit spicier because the mustard seeds in brown mustard are not soaked in as much vinegar like dijon so they keep more of their heat.

Another good substitute for the Dijon Mustard is the Spicy Brown Mustard as they have the same texture, albeit the Spicy Brown Mustard is spicier and zestier than the Dijon Mustard. So if you love spicy food, this will be the perfect replacement.

The Honey Mustard This can be substituted with sweet Dijon mustard. It is made from honey and mustard. The honey makes it sweet.

Honey mustard works especially well as a Dijon mustard replacement when used with chicken, pork, or as a salad dressing. Horseradish: Much spicer than Dijon, you can use just a pinch of horseradish as a substitute for Dijon mustard. If you can, mix a bit with some mayonnaise before adding it to the recipe.

1 teaspoon white wine vinegar (or, ½ teaspoon dry white wine and ½ teaspoon white vinegar). To make 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard substitute, all you have to do is mix together the ingredients listed above. White wine vinegar is preferable, but if you have dry white wine and white vinegar at home, that works in this recipe, too!

The best substitute for dry mustard is prepared Dijon mustard! Use 1 teaspoon dry mustard = 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard. This substitution works for most types of recipes. However, if you’re making a dry rub or spice blend, go to Option 3.

However it’s this tangy flavor that makes it a good dijon mustard substitute. While horseradish can come in cream or sauce form, you might want to make your own to make it slightly closer to the spicy-sweet taste of dijon. To do this, you will need horseradish root, sour cream and honey.


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