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What is lemon cake strain?
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This strain is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Cheese, which is also where it gets its name from. Heavyweight Seeds was the first to breed Lemon Cake, and suggests that this strain can possibly be used to combat stress, physical pain …

Lemon Cake by Heavyweight Seeds. One version of Lemon Cake was created by Heavyweight Seeds, which crossed Lemon Skunk and Cheese to create this potent, indica-leaning strain. Lemon Cake has a citrusy, earthy flavor profile and THC levels reaching up to 23%. Lemon Cake by Moxie Seeds

Lemon Cake is a sweet and lemony strain that will leave your buds with a sour taste. This strain is beneficial in that it can help boost your mood and boost your energy. It is therefore ideal for day time use. Lemon Cake, sometimes referred to as Lemon Cheesecake is a Sativa plant that combines two clashing strains. The lowest THC content is 16%.

Oct 11, 2019 · Lemon Cake is a delicious instant mood-boosting sativa strain. This indoor grown strain has a distinct aroma of fresh citrus fruits and a light earthy taste. It contains 26% THC, so I recommend waiting about 15 minutes for the full effects to kick in. It’s hard not to over do it on this strain, since it’s so delicious.

Lemon Cake by Heavyweight Seeds is a potent sativa-dominant strain with sweet and musky aromas. Also known as Lemon Pound Cake and Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon

Lemon Cake cannabis is incredibly popular in California. Cultivated exclusively by Elite, this is a high quality strain with a strong lineage. Lemon Cheesecake, or just Lemon Cake for short, is a Sativa-dominant cross of the famous Lemon Skunk and notoriously potent Cheese. Available in 3.5-gram glass jars, these dense buds are the crème de la crème of cannabis flower.

Lemon Cake Marijuana Strain Information & Reviews | AllBud top www.allbud.com. Me Lemon Cake was a Sativa by Bloom Farms that contained 22% THC. Hard lime green buds with amber pistils & fine trichomes.

Jul 18, 2021 · According to the Mission dispensary menu, Lemon Cake is a sativa-dominate hybrid phenotype of Cheetah Piss. A trifecta of strains from Growing Passion and Cookies Fam, Cheetah Piss crosses Lemonnade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97. Others have reported Lemon Cake as a cross between Lemon Skunk and Cheese.

Jul 11, 2019 · The Lemon Cake strain, aka Lemon Cheesecake, is most famous for its cheesy undertones and powerful effects that might be overwhelming for less experienced users. This marijuana strain is a cross between Cheese and Lemon Skunk , which results in a fast-acting cerebral based effect that is perfect for combating pain, insomnia, lack of appetite …


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