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Osrs Slayer Guide. Now that you know how slayer works, it’s time to get some slayer levels. This guide will be a little bit different from our other guides as slayer training is different from the other skills in osrs. … Another way to farm points is to …

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A slayer contract can be obtained from Erskine in Edgeville. It tracks how far along you are in your contract with him. Players must kill the monsters in the Wilderness and hold the contract in their inventory in order for their kills to count towards the slayer contract. For every applicable kill, the player will gain 20% the Slayer experience that the monster would have been given if they …

Although other Slayer master tasks may be completed in both Wilderness and mainland locations, all of Krystilia’s tasks must be done in the Wilderness. That means players should only take gear they are willing to lose. WARNING: Assess and mitigate risks, and do NOT ever take any items you cannot afford to lose! Krystilia has no requirements, but players should be …

Krystilia is a Slayer master found in Edgeville’s jail north-east of the bank. When spoken to, she expresses her love for magic and the Wilderness, and claims the guards locked her in the cell for trouble-making. Players can speak to her to change their respawn point to Edgeville for a one-time fee of 5,000,000 coins. She is a Slayer master who assigns the player monsters found …

However, Wilderness Slayer lets you get Emblem drops from any task so even weak monsters with trash drops can still drop 100K~. So for a lower level Wilderness might be good money, but for a higher level Slayer you’ll probably get worse exp and less profit than normal tasks like Gargs and such; comparable profit at best.

What I learned from 100 Wilderness Slayer Tasks. Last month I set myself a goal to complete 100 Wilderness Slayer tasks. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I gained a tonne of points, got a free Rune Pouch and Slayer Helm, and went from 60-73 slayer relatively grind free. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to boost their Slayer level.

Wilderness Slayer combat requirement. Are there any downsides at removing combat requirements for wildy slayer? Cuz like OSRS their wildy slayer are for all levels, no combat or slayer req. I don’t understand why in rs3 there should be combat req.

Yes, provided it’s value is higher than other items. IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS CHECK “ITEMS KEPT ON DEATH” AND MAKE SURE “WHAT IF I WAS IN THE WILDERNESS” IS CHECKED TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE RISKING BEFORE YOU GO IN.. For lava strykes I use scythe, corrupted slayer helm (max upgrade) , elder rune plate body and legs, obsidian cape, …


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