Experience placed based education where students study their community needs and resources and use the STEM based cultivation curriculum to create scalable businesses. From Aquaponics to Bio Energy, providing sustainable solutions with large scale projects will aide in helping reversing the negative symptoms associated with food deserts.


The five step process of the cultivation META Labs begins with multiple lessons tiered to guide our students in starting their own produce based business. Each of the META Labs provides students access in not just how to use the tools to grow produce, but also expects each student to generate improvements and innovate new ideas in the horticulture industry. All core subject areas are used to transform an empty lot into a thriving business in their neighborhood.

Sample Cultivation Curriculum Choices.

High School students builds on a 1/2 acre lot


Students must utilize placed based as well as work based education methods to determine how to turn their community into a viable business. Students master the skills of using tools and other machinery to not only do basic construction, but to also come up with innovations that need specific parts designed in the fabrication labs. Students also develop significant projects in short amount of times which of course demands a different type of schedule for the school and a different type of training for the teachers.


Students should be prepared to sell to the school or the META24 company as soon as possible. They can sell on META24labs.com or directly to the school. A school bank account is set up in order to manage the funds to sustain the garden. Students are also expected to sell 40% of what they produce to the school or META24 entity. They must complete the basic accounting METALab and keep track of not only what they produce, but in keeping up with supply and demand.

The harvest ready to sell.

The first in school café.


Students must either create a website to sell their goods and services and/or build an indoor cafe to sell the majority of the remaining 60%. Additionally students are expected to learn coding and accounting from additional META Labs as well as marketing from the Graphic Design, Multi Media, and Business META labs in order to truly prove that their business is sustainable.


This is added value time for the gardening business. This is a combination of selling after school snacks, salads, smoothies, and tutoring in their own store front in the community. There are separate META Labs outside of cultivation that students will have to take in order to get to cut the ribbon. This business then must be sustained by underclassmen and community organizers. The lessons learned of course are invaluable.

The first store front.

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