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Squirrel Stapler is a horror/hunting video game created by David Szymanski. Unnamed Protagonist’s Wife – Skinned alive by The Protagonist off-screen, remains shown. Total – 1 Squirrel – Died after eating poisoned grass off-screen, body shown. Four Squirrels – Shot by The Protagonist. Total – 5 Two Squirrels – Died after eating poisoned grass off-screen, bodies …

Nov 16, 2020 · Squirrel Stapler | Dread X Collection 2Let’s go squirrel hunting! After, we could meet god? DON’T CLICK THIS! Get your yeagerbom m…

today we staple squirrels on a corpse_____ Subscribe to my channel! that Cyph loves you! ♥•━━━ …

Dec 13, 2021 · Hunt squirrels, staple them to a corpse, meet God. Welcome to Squirrel Stapler ’82 – small game hunting on your computer! Play through five exciting days of squirrel hunting – complete with puzzles, action, and even a few squirrel facts! We hope that you enjoy yourself!—–This Squirrel Stapler demake contains 15 levels: – 5 levels for each in …

2021-05-15: SQUIRREL STAPLER: Adorn your Loved One with Squirrels and Find a god in this Simulation Game 5MG

A squirrel found on the sleeping screen. Squirrels are an animal both appearing in the real world and Squirrel stapler. You can staple them onto a rotting body. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Let’s Go Luna!

About Community. A place to discuss and post about anything related to David Szymanski’s Game Squirrel Stapler; made for the Dread X Collection 2. 60.

Squirrel stapler (game) Squirrels; Rotting corpse; Squirrel God; Community. Recent blog posts; Help; Game. Rotting corpse; Squirrels; in: Canon. Squirrel God Edit Edit source History Talk (0) The Squirrel God is a giant squirrel that appears at the end of the game. It is the deity of all squirrels. Categories …

Ok, so I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m more confused after that game than I was before. 5. level 1. LeGranFromage. 11 months ago. This one made me feel ill, not sure if it was the fov or something else but definitely not my favorite.

Horrifying the Horror: Squirrel Stapler wastes no time in establishing that our protagonist is a psychopath, and yet that doesn’t stop him from being haunted by the ghosts and predators of the forest. I Love the Dead: Implied, as the corpse that the squirrel bodies are being stapled to is referred to multiple times as the protagonist’s “wife.”


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