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What is standard pallet size?
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The most common pallet size in Australia is 1165mm × 1165mm (45.87″ × 45.87″). It is also on the list of approved ISO Pallets. These dimensions enable two pallets to fit very snugly side by side into the Australian railway RACE container, which is slightly wider than standard ISO containers. Using the Australian pallet in 20′ or 40 …

While the standard pallet size of 48″ x 40″ may be used for grocery products and many others, the next most common size is a 42″ x 42” pallet, which is commonly used to ship articles such as paint. The third most common pallet size is the 48” x 48” pallet which is commonly used for larger containers such as drums.

Feb 04, 2022 · In North America, the CHEP standard size is 48×40-inch. More recently, the 24×40-inch half pallet was introduced. There is also a CHEP 48×20-inch pallet offered in Canada. Internationally, CHEP pallet dimensions typically conform to existing or emerging standards in the region of use.

Pallet dimensions vary by country and CHEP’s list of wood pallet dimensions makes it easy to understand your pallet needs. From standard US pallets, Euro pallets, half pallets, or plastic pallets, learn how CHEP can quickly supply the right …

Common Pallet Sizes. There are several different sizes of wooden pallets available, but there are also standard sizes that are used more frequently. These standard pallets for sale can hold approximately 4,600 pounds. The standard wood pallet dimensions are: 48×40 (this is the most common size) 42×42. 48×48.

Normal Pallet Size. Wooden pallet sizes vary depending on location and usage but the most common pallets sizes are (36″ X 36″ / 914.4mm X 914.4mm), (42″ X 42″ / 1066.8mm X 1066.8mm), (48″ X 48″ / 1219.2mm X 1219.2mm) and (48″ X 40″ / 1219.2mm X 1016mm). The standard pallet size for the United States of America is 40″ X 48″.

The most common standard pallet size is 40-by-48 inches. The now-rebranded Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) put forth and popularized this standard sizing in the 1960s. This standardized size, predominantly used in North America, influences shipping pallet dimensions worldwide to this day.

Mar 06, 2018 · Standard Euro-Size Pallets. And on the continent, they have a slightly different sizing convention. The classic “Euro-sized” pallet size is 1200 x 800mm. In fact, these euro pallets are so common in the UK that often these are the ‘Standard’ pallets our customers are looking for. As a rule of thumb, if your pallets are non-domestic then …

Feb 16, 2022 · A standard pallet space is 1.17m long and 1.7m wide, being the size of a standard CHEP pallet. A standard Ute has a tray length of 2.4m, allowing them to carry 2 pallets behind each other. Any Truck has a tray width of 2.4m, allowing them to carry 2 …


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