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twitch max bitrate

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Recommended Bitrate. The number of bits that are processed in a unit of time. High-Quality web audio typically runs about 128 Kbps. 128 Kbps (for maximum compatibility) Maximum Audio Bitrate. The highest number of bits that can be processed, and typically aligns with the recommended Codec chosen. 320 kbps (AAC) Sampling Frequency

Oct 09, 2015 · The 3500kbps bitrate is the maximum the ingest servers are vetted to handle correctly. Going past 3500 is not advised, and is “here there be dragons” territory; if your stream starts to screw up, Twitch won’t be able to help you until you drop the bitrate to that safe ingest max. So even if you can do it, it’s out-of-spec and may screw up badly.

Aug 03, 2019 · For this, Twitch recommends the following settings. Bitrate: 4500kbps; Keyframe interval: 2 seconds; Preset: Max Quality; B-frames: 2; If you are playing a game that doesn’t have much action, you could choose to go for 30fps and 720P resolution. For this, keep the same settings as above, but limit your bitrate to 3000kbps.

Twitch Support on Max Bitrate. The current maximum supported bitrate for broadcasting on Twitch is 3500kbps. Streaming above this bitrate can and will cause a few issues. Although 3500kbps is not a hard cap, we strongly recommend staying at or below that mark.

May 06, 2021 · yes pretty much, twitch max is 8500kbit/s total bitrate and they turn off the stream if you go higher, so you want to stay as close to 8500 kbit/s as possible but still have some wiggle room because the bitrate fluctuates because no encoder does clean CBR

Bitrate: 6000 kbps. Rate Control: CBR. Framerate: 60 or 50 fps. Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds. Preset: veryfast -> medium Profile: Main/High

Below that, it shows the Twitch limits: Maximum Video Bitrate: 6000. Maximum Audio Bitrate: 320. Here, “recommendations” is code for “limits”. So you can set what you want in your streaming software, but Twitch will limit you to 6000/320 anyway. …

Mar 31, 2019 · Bitrate is the bandwidth OBS will use to send data to the Twitch ingest servers. Technically, Twitch has a cap of 6000 kbps for bitrate. New Twitch streamers and Affiliates should not stream at 6000 kbps, however.

Just for comparisson a top streamer with let’s say 20000 viewers using those 3500 bitrate would be using 70 Gbps if EVERY one of those viewers was watching in source quality, that’s only 7 times the bandwidth of the other one for 20 times the viewers, and since twitch is a business, 20 times more “possible” ads and whatnot. 2.


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